My story


I love our town.


My Oakville story began in 2002, when my husband and I started our family business here. Over the past decade and a half, I have lived and worked in Oakville, supporting our service-based business and, for the past 12 years, as a realtor at Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp.Brokerage.


I feel so privileged to be a realtor. I have met and worked with the most incredible people, from all walks of life. I have immersed myself in the neighbourhoods we all call home, and understand the differences and issues of each one. While we are all different, I want to see us celebrate our shared values through festivals and events we enjoy together.


Moneysense gave Oakville the top spot in their 2018 list of Canada’s Best Places to Live. (We knew that already!) We must maintain our way of life by protecting our rich culture and green space as we grow. I want to be your councillor because I know that our local government has the critical responsibility of ensuring that the Oakville of the future is the town we want for generations to come. For us in Ward 4, this includes pursuing the protection of our iconic Glen Abbey and other precious green spaces.


I’m ready to be a fresh face with fresh perspective, representing the voices of Ward 4. Follow me in my journey to meet each and every one of you and please reach out anytime!


With thanks, yours sincerely,


What you need to know about me


At your service


  • I’m listening. I am truly enjoying meeting the people living in Ward 4 and I look forward to representing your concerns at Town Hall.
  • I spend 100% of my day in Oakville. I live, work, and play right here in our beautiful town. I’m here for you, just a phone call away!
  • As your Ward 4 Councillor, I will be accessible seven days a week to address your questions and concerns. I will make sure your voices are heard, understood, communicated, and championed at Town Hall.
  • I will also make it a priority to keep you informed about what’s happening, not only in Ward 4 but across Oakville.


Champion of local business


  • I believe our local economy can thrive while we maintain our small-town charm. Healthy businesses, large and small, provide good jobs, close to home, as well as opportunities for us to invest and shop locally.
  • I understand and support our small business owners. My business education and background, as well as four years spent serving on the board of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, give me unique perspective and insight into the business community.


Boosting families and community


  • Oakville residents enjoy an extraordinary sense of family and community. I value this and will protect it − for young families, newcomers, seniors, and everyone in between.
  • I raised a family here, and have two 20-something year old children in post-secondary programs, about to navigate entering the workforce. I share the concerns of moms and dads who tell me about speeding cars and heavy traffic in their neighbourhoods, as well as a lack of facilities for teens to gather.
  • I am the daughter of aging parents. Isolation and loneliness among our older citizens are serious concerns as our population changes. Like you, I’m interested in exploring a north Oakville YMCA to serve families and seniors.
  • I am a past director for Halton Multicultural Council, and was a new Canadian myself, 25 years ago. Our culture is to be celebrated, and my campaign team embodies these values.
  • I have been involved in many local charities and not-for-profits, giving me insight into the diverse needs of our residents, as well as ways to help solve local challenges.


Ishrani volunteers her time locally at various organizations including


  • 100 Women Who Care Oakville, 2015 – 2017 – Past Chair
  • 100 Teens Who Care,  2017 – Present – Co-Founder
  • Oakville Chamber of Commerce, 2014 – Present – Director
  • Savis, 2017 – Director
  • Halton Multicultural Council, 2017 – Present – Director
  • May Court Club of Oakville – Member
  • Optimist Club of Oakville,  Volunteer at Shrimp Fest/Sponsor Silent Auction items for many years
  • Light House for Grieving Kids
  • United Way Campaign Committee
  • Oakville Hospital Foundation
  • Kerr St Mission
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Sat on the small business committee at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce
  • Sat on the Good Morning Oakville Committee at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce
  • Darling Homes for Kids-Gala Committee
  • CYAN – Sponsor community dinner with the youths
  • Radius Child and Youth Services


Ishrani’s family has also sponsored a room at the New Oakville hospital in the Cardiac department in memory of her dad, who passed suddenly of a heart attack.  Each year during the holidays, Ishrani organizes her friends and co-workers to make a community dinner at Kerr St Mission.  Ishrani organized the Love your Heart Event in 2012 and 2014 and raised $10,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Halton and $15,000 for the New Oakville Hospital.

Kerr St Mission