1. Why are you running for councillor of Ward 4?


I’m running because there is need for a fresh perspective and strong leadership in the community and I know I can be that voice. Living and working in Ward 4 gives me a unique grasp of the issues that face both residents and businesses in our area of Oakville. This also allows me to keep in contact with and listen to the residents of ward 4 and be accessible to them as I live, work and play right here in our community on a daily basis. My neighbours deserve a better, for the past 15 years that I have lived in ward 4, no one has ever knocked on my door and introduced themselves as my councillor, we deserve better! I want to be engaged with the people of ward 4,this will allow me to be a strong advocate for Ward 4 at Town Hall.


  1. Who is Ishrani Henry?


I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister,  a neighbour, a friend ,a resident of ward 4, I’m a business woman, and entrepreneur and a philanthropist. My family moved to Oakville in 2003,and we’ve been blessed to call Oakville and ward 4 home since then.  During that time I’ve immersed myself in the community. I began my journey by raising 10K for the heart and stroke foundation, raised $15,000 for the Oakville Hospital Foundation and sponsored a room in the Cardiac unit of the Oakville Hospital in memory of my dad, organized and made Christmas dinners at Kerr St mission, volunteered at the Terry Fox Run ,walk for the cure every October, sponsor bowl for kids sake-raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters and many other wonderful organizations in our community. I served on the Board of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce Board, the Board for Halton Multicultural Council and Savis. Was responsible for keeping 100 Women Who Care in our community and is the past Chair, co-founded 100 Teens who care. I’m also active with many other groups in the Oakville community as I believe that community engagement makes for a healthier Oakville. …


  1. Why do you think you’re right for the job?


I am right for the role of Ward 4 Councillor because I live and work in the ward. Also, as a local business owner, together with my academic background in business and accounting ,my expertise in running a successful small business will help me provide insights into how to run the Town of Oakville more efficiently. And my position as a leader in community organizations such as the Oakville Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to grow my skills as an entrepreneur and a team player who always strives to bring new and innovative ideas to the table.


  1. What makes you unique from your competition?


Ward 4 is where my family has lived for the past 15 years. We have a local business here and I am a realtor here. My heart belongs in this community and I want nothing more than to serve and benefit it. I have put in countless hours of community service with many, many boards and charitable organizations and now I want to take my service to the next level to be a strong voice for Ward 4. I know your neighbourhood, it’s mine too. And I want to carry Ward 4’s vision for the future to Town Hall.  My track record shows that I have been tirelessly giving my time and funds to make our community better for the past 15 years, and my commitment to our community is my passion.


  1. How will you benefit the community?


Ward 4 will benefit from my availability and voice. I spend 100% of my day in Oakville. I live, work and play right here in our wonderful town. Their issues are my issues and I will solve them with passion. As Ward 4 Councillor, I will be accessible seven days a week. Not only will I be a champion for your issues, but I will make sure that the residents of Ward 4 are informed about what’s happening throughout Oakville.


  1. How will you achieve all these goals you’ve set out?


The issues that I have identified from talking with residents at the door are not new. They are issues that have faced Ward 4 for years. Our previous councillor ignored them and, his appointed replacement hasn’t been in the position long enough to even become familiar with them, let alone act. As a local resident and business person, I know the community, I know the issues and I know how to bring people together to accomplish big tasks. I will work  with my fellow residents and business owners, the mayor and other councillors and through engagement and collaboration we will address the parking, traffic, greenspace and lack of community space issues that face Ward 4.


  1. Why is your experience as a realtor a competitive advantage?


As a realtor who lives and works in Ward 4, I understand the uniqueness of our Ward and how it fits into Oakville as a whole. I don’t just understand the issues that face Ward 4, I spend my days welcoming families to homes in our corner of Oakville and giving them the lay of the land. I understand local by-laws, rules and regulations and make sure that these new home owners in are well aware of them too.


  1. What are THE KEY issues you’ll address when chosen to represent Ward 4 as councillor?


Oakville received the prestigious “best place to live” ranking from Money Sense Magazine. This is impressive, but there is always room for improvement. In my conversations at the door with Ward 4 residents I have identified a consensus on some specific areas that we need to focus on. These include: speeding, saving Glen Abbey and our precious green space , congestion, over-development, having an outdoor, maintained skating rink in the Winter, more garbage cans in and around the neighbourhood, more park benches, water fountains for people and dogs, having a social hub or youths and seniors ,maps and signage on our trails, less red tape for small businesses, a need for a Residents Association in ward 4, a need for a neighbourhood watch group ,more community centres ,eg, a YMCA in the North, an events park where neighbours can come together ,accessibility to their councillor and leash free parks, to name a few.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Speeding

Speeding: Parents are worried about speeding in and around school and residential roads.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Speeding: We need to study the traffic calming techniques and technologies available and possibly look into reducing speed limits. I will make sure to consult both consulting experts and residents, to see what solutions will work best for our community.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Safety

Safety: There have been break and enters in some areas of our neighbourhood that have caused alarm to some residents


PROPOSED SOLUTION: We can ensure a safer community by taking a collaborative approach with Councillors, residents and the Halton Regional Police Service as well as establishing a resident driven neighbourhood watch.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Saving Glen Abbey

Saving Glen Abbey: Residents are passionate about saving our precious Glen Abbey as it is an iconic landmark in the heart of Oakville and needs to be protected for future generations.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Saving Glen Abbey: So far, the efforts to save Glen Abbey have made progress with elected officials, but we need to build more awareness and create a more public outcry to save the course. We can do this by publicly pushing for more signatures on the Save Glen Abbey Petition all across the Oakville community.. I believe that Glen Abbey belongs to all of us and it is our kids future. No one has the right to take that away. So I would like to hear from the youth about what Glen Abbey means to them. I will work with all levels of government and senior officials to protect Glen Abbey.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Better community centres & social hub

Better Community Centres: As the community grows and expands, Ward 4 will need more than just one rec centre – the Glen Abbey Rec Centre. Before long, it will not be able to accommodate the volume of residents wanting to use its facilities.


Social Hub: A drop-in centre welcoming teens and seniors is what Ward 4 needs. A place outside of organised sports that allows individuals and groups to retreat into a safe and engaging place where they can make new friends, organize social events and participate interactively in a positive setting.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Better Community Centres: I will work with key stakeholders and my fellow Councillors to have a YMCA approved in north Oakville. By establishing a North Oakville YMCA we will have a facility to act as a social hub where activities can be planned for youth and seniors.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Leash free parks

Leash Free Parks: Residence of Ward 4 currently have to cross the busy Highway 5 to get to a leash free park. This is a safety issue for families and their beloved pets. We can solve it with a new leash free park in Ward 4.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Leash Free Parks: Through a collaborative effort between Council and Ward 4 residents, we will identify a suitable location for a leash free park, fundraise and maintain it.


  1. KEY ISSUE: Outdoor event park

Outdoor Event Park: We have sports fields but lack outdoor event parks, which means we don’t have spaces where we can host events such as art in the park, heritage events and music festivals, etc. Residents of Ward 4 of all ages would enjoy access to an events park during all seasons with summer events and outdoor skating in the winter. This will encourage engagement and interaction between neighbours in the Ward 4 community.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Outdoor Event Park: I will work with the residents of Ward 4 and the Town’s Parks and Recreation department to to convert a soccer field to an outdoor event park


  1. KEY ISSUE: Hospital Parking Issue

Parking Issue: Due to insufficient parking at the New Oakville Hospital, overflow parking is spilling out onto residential streets in the surrounding area. Coupled with this issue is the 3 hour parking limit which frustrates home owners who only have a single vehicle driveway or garage.


PROPOSED SOLUTION: Parking Issue: To address parking, we can install parking meters and also post signs that say no hospital parking. I will also work closely with Oakville’s parking authorities to find additional innovative solutions.


  1. Why should people vote for you?


Municipal government is the closest level of government to our every day lives. The decisions of our Councillors have a direct impact on our neighbourhoods and families. I encourage everyone, including our youth to come out and Vote on October 22. I am doing my best personally visit as many residents in Ward 4 as possible. I look forward to talking with you and hearing your concerns, hopes and thoughts on this election. I humbly ask that on October 22 you vote Ishrani Henry for Ward 4. A vote for Ishrani is a vote for a more inclusive, engaging and vibrant community. Helping people is what I do! I don’t only want to make a difference , I know I can make a difference, my passion and commitment shows in everything that I do..I have already been serving Oakville for the past 15 years ,so this is a natural progression to local town council, serving and engaging with people is what I do best.

On October 22nd, vote for Ishrani Henry, a strong and effective voice for you and your family.