Ward 4

I am a resident of Ward 4, so you can count on me to represent your interests and make sound decisions that reflect your opinions.  I love where we live and want to preserve our beautiful trails and green space.   I’m sincerely interested in listening to you and working actively to amplify your voices.  I want everyone, without exclusion, to be heard and to understand that their thoughts matter.  Rely on me to carry your messages, stories, and concerns to Town Hall, and for us to work together to resolve issues.


Oakville has always been viewed as a place for families — and it truly is.  We all need to have those values top of mind.  As our community continues to expand, it is important to maintain what we already enjoy, while continuing to improve our town.


We are privileged to have an exceptional quality of life in Oakville.  As someone who lives in and has been involved in the community for years, I am qualified to take on the challenging and fulfilling role as Councillor.  I will be instrumental in helping create a place where our families can grow and prosper — together.


With your support, I look forward to making a difference in our community.

Ward 4 is currently bounded on the North by the northern boundary of the Town, South by the QEW, West by the Western boundary of the Town, and East by Sixteen Mile Creek.   There will be some changes to the current boundaries of ward 4 as the new 7 ward system is adopted with the 2018 Municipal election.


With the upcoming changes to a 7 ward boundary system Ward 4 will be be bounded on the North by Dundas Street, between Bronte Road and Sixteen Mile Creek, East by Sixteen Mile Creek, between Dundas Street and Upper Middle Road West, between Sixteen Mile Creek and Taplow Creek Trail, and by Taplow Creek Trail between Upper Middle Road West and the QEW, South by the QEW between Taplow Creek Trail and Bronte Road, and West by Bronte Road between the QEW and Dundas Street.


Two councillors are elected in each ward, one Town Councillor, and one Town and Regional Councillor.  With the implementation of the new 7 ward boundary system, two members of council will continue to be elected for each of the 7 wards increasing the council size from the current 13 to 15 members.  (14 councillors, plus the mayor)


Ishrani Henry is looking forward to making a difference in the community and helping to making sure that Oakville continues to be a place where families can grow and prosper and to ensure every voice matters.